Tenement & Temple “Tenement & Temple” (Thrum Recordings, 2019)

Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie first came to prominence in the ’90s as part of the Scottish Indie rock band Thrum.  During their initial, but somewhat short-lived incarnation, Thrum achieved critical acclaim, but only relatively modest commercial success and they eventually split in 1995. Monica Queen continued to make music as a solo artist, mostly produced by Smillie and is also recognised for her numerous guest appearances, most notably duets with Shane MacGowan, Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian, particularly on the latter’s early classic ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’. Continue reading “Tenement & Temple “Tenement & Temple” (Thrum Recordings, 2019)”

Thrum (Tenement and Temple Electric), C2C Aftershow , SWG3 Glasgow,  8th March 2019

No strangers to previous C2C fringe events, Johnny Smillie and Monica Queen appear tonight under their old moniker Thrum as opposed to their most recent incarnation, the duo Tenement and Temple, the difference perhaps best explained as the latter having the volume set around five, the former way up to the fabled eleven. Their late-night set does start with a haunting acoustic version of John Denver’s ‘Fly Away’. Then, instead of sticking to the safe option of an acoustic country tinged showcase, Queen straps on the Telecaster that was slung behind her back and they upshift into an electric set of indie-inspired Americana. It’s a policy that pays off in the brutalist concrete surroundings of the SWG3 venue. Continue reading “Thrum (Tenement and Temple Electric), C2C Aftershow , SWG3 Glasgow,  8th March 2019”