Trailhead “Keep Walking” (Requa Records, 2018)

Never go walking with The Proclaimers – it’s really tiring! But if you do fancy trekking 500 miles or so, according to Lonely Planet, the sure-fire way to avoid blisters whilst walking the Camino de Santiago is to wear a pair of women’s stockings under your socks. I’m not sure if Berlin-based musician Tobias Panwitz followed their advice when he trudged along the Camino, but one thing he did do, was compose an album of songs using the rhythm of his 500 mile walk as the basis for a basic backing track, and wrote down the lyrics that flooded his noggin mid-hike, before he got back to Germany, and went into the studio with his band. Recording under the name Trailhead, ‘Keep Walking’ is his third album under this name.  Continue reading “Trailhead “Keep Walking” (Requa Records, 2018)”