Trailhead “Into The Mountains”

Independent, 2021

Simple but effective “Eurocana” from Germany’s Trailhead, following his journey over the Alps.

In a time where we’re all learning to appreciate the simple things in life, Trailhead comes out with something that allows us to do just that. ‘Into the Mountains’ is a work of simplicity and space that allows us to focus on the story behind this record, where Tobias Panwitz (Trailhead) took a one-month hike crossing over the alps from Salzburg to Triest. The songs tell the story in a gripping manner, both lyrically and musically.

One of the nicest features that keeps popping up throughout this record are the short musical interludes that break up the transitions between tracks. The album begins with ‘Heading Out‘, one of said musical interludes which sets a soothing and calm tone for the rest of the record, musically portraying an image of the album’s theme. An added point before we delve into more of ‘Into The Mountains’ – it’s a great idea to have the album art up in front of you whilst you listen. You’ll find this adds a completely new perspective to the listening experience!

Instrumentation throughout is well used and arranged by Trailhead. He creates space and paints a picture very successfully all the way throughout. This is well documented on ‘Walk with Me’ as Trailhead and his guitar is accompanied by a piano and shaker, creating a whole different vibe than what has come before and helping to accentuate the upbeat feel of the song. 

The album starts to drag a little bit until we reach ‘Other Side’ where some tasteful, slightly crunchy guitar licks freshen it up just at the right time. That said, you’ll feel as if the interludes keep things fresh and interesting and are very strategically placed throughout; whether it’s to freshen up or tell his story, they work either way. 

In short, this is a good album for people wanting to be taken on a journey with Trailhead. It works as great easy listening for when you want something on quietly in the background, or whenever you really want to submerge yourself within a record. ‘Into the Mountains’ trails off with the beautiful ‘Heading Out Again’ which is an extended arrangement of album opener ‘Heading Out’. Here the listener is treated to wonderfully arranged strings and simplistic acoustic guitar. A lovely treat to end a nicely constructive album.


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