Two Bird Stone “Hands And Knees” (Soundly Music, 2020)

‘Hands And Knees’ is the debut album from Two Bird Stone which is a new band made up of some of Nashville and New York’s finest session musicians. The driving force behind the band is Liam Thomas Bailey who plays fiddle and banjo and is the lead vocalist as well as writing the songs. He’s aided and abetted by Bailey’s long-time musical partner (they spent 11 years together in Rodney Atkins’ touring band) Judd Fuller (bass, mandolin and vocals), Chad Kelly (accordion) and Rohin Khemani (drums). Continue reading “Two Bird Stone “Hands And Knees” (Soundly Music, 2020)”

Two Bird Stone “When Somebody Can See Your Soul” – Listen

Two Bird Stone are a band of seasoned musicians, who’ve been sidemen and studio players for a diverse line-up of big names – from Carly Simon to Bo Diddly and many in-between.  Led by songwriter and singer Liam Thomas Bailey they’ve worked up an album ‘Hands and Knees‘ of folk richness, which is out on September 11th on Soundly Music. Continue reading “Two Bird Stone “When Somebody Can See Your Soul” – Listen”