Vetiver, Islington Academy, London, 17th December 2019

The Islington Academy is one of London’s smaller venues, a room that revels in its awkward layout that surely aspires to non-Euclidean geometry, its poor lighting, and its really sticky floor. If it were a pub then it’d be of the spit and sawdust variety. Which is all very down and dirty and rock and roll – the only thing that lets it down on the Indie Cool factor is that it’s located on the first floor of a fairly modern shopping mall, quite near the food court. It’s very odd to step into this dark pit straight from a world of escalators, metal banisters and glass fronted shops. Once in this rock and roll Narnia though it’s easy to forget that the location isn’t just a little more hip. Continue reading “Vetiver, Islington Academy, London, 17th December 2019”

Vetiver “Up On High” (Loose, 2019)

A few ready guides spring to mind that could be used as a quality yardstick to help broaden listening habits and experiences. How about exploring any album produced by Rick Rubin, or collaborations with Dan Auerbach? Or, what about making it a point to listen to any artist signed to Loose Music. Loose must surely have, pound for pound, one of the best rosters of artists you may care to find. And so, welcome to the first album for the label by Vetiver. Hailing from San Francisco and largely a vehicle for the talents of Andy Cabic, Vetiver have been releasing albums since 2004 with ‘Up On High’ being the band’s seventh release. Cabic has been moving around labels for most of his career including a brief spell with Sub Pop, but this release feels like he has laid his hat and found his home.
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Vetiver “Swaying” – Listen

A second single from the upcoming new album ‘Up on High‘ which is to be released by Loose on November 1st.  And what fine pleasures has Andy Cabic brought us this time ?  Well, ‘Swaying‘ is all about the acoustic guitar in a rock setting –  and if it’s College Rock sound has a slight familiarity then there’s a reason for that. Continue reading “Vetiver “Swaying” – Listen”

Vetiver “To Who Knows Where” – Listen

It’s been a full four years since Andy Cabic released his last album under the Vetiver name., but at long last there’s new music coming with November’s release of  ‘Up On High‘ which will be released on Loose.  The gentle and reflective ‘To who knows where‘ is the first single and a first listen will be enough to conjure up a dozen touchstones. Continue reading “Vetiver “To Who Knows Where” – Listen”