Ted Russell Kamp “Solitaire”

Independent, 2021

Thirteenth time lucky: Ted Russell Kamp plays an ace.

As detailed before by Americana UK, Ted Russell Kamp has a long career as a session bass player. Kamp has played on six albums by artists that include Sam Morrow, Shooter Jennings, and even Waylon Jennings. Originally from New York but living in LA, his music is as widely travelled. ‘Solitaire’ is his thirteenth solo album, and it is by no means unlucky.
The music is traditional and well produced. Kamp plays paired-down acoustic guitar with excellent fingerpicking. His band play a plethora of instruments, including Wultizer and pedal steel. After a lengthy career, Kamp’s voice has gone the way of Bob Dylan’s, and like a good pair of boots, it has worn in with time but still strong.
Three tracks have been released, and the album kicks off with the single ‘My Girl Now’. The lyrics are a little outdated but come from a joyous place of new love. Towards the end of the album, ‘A Rose or Two‘ and ‘The Spark’ come back to back and while their music contrasts, the themes of spending your time here on earth well are similar.
The standout song lies in the depths of the records. ‘Birds That Sing at Dawn‘ is a traditional melancholy country song about sadness and drinking. It follows in the footsteps of all the greats. Lost love leading to all night lonely drinking is almost an American musical institution and one that Kamp has contributed to finely: “I’ll sit here drinking whiskey and listen for the birds that sing at dawn” could be the Americana motto!
At Americana UK, we think that Solitaire is not a game; it’s a diamond.


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