Terre & Maggie Roche “Kin Ya See That Sun” – Newly found recordings

Photo: Rob DeMartin

Singer-songwriter Terre Roche of the legendary NYC sibling folk trio, The Roches has announced the release of ‘Kin Ya See That Sun‘, a collection of previously unreleased live recordings and original songs written and performed by Terre and her late sister Maggie. The 15-track album arrives digitally Friday, October 21st.

The title track was the first song the sisters ever wrote together, as Terre tells it: “I was 12 years old, and Maggie was 13,  we were just learning to play guitar. We’d learned off a PBS special called ‘Folk Guitar with Laura Weber’ – I’ve always regretted that I never wrote Laura Weber a fan letter, and sadly she has passed away, but she taught us a bunch of guitar chords, strums and very cool folk songs we had never heard before. Maggie gave me this set of lyrics and I wrote the music for it. Though we had never travelled beyond our New Jersey home we had a longing to go out West.

In 2019 Terre received live recordings from two different people who had recorded her and Maggie performing in 1975 and 2000. Here were many of the songs from ‘Seductive Reasoning‘ as they were originally arranged, just two voices and two guitars. Highlights include powerful performances of fan favourites like ‘Telephone Bill’ and ‘Damned Old Dog‘ (recorded during a 1975 promotional tour) and the classic ‘If You Emptied Out All Your Pockets You Could Not Make the Change,’ the latter recorded during Terre and Maggie’s acclaimed run of concerts in 2000. All live recordings featured on ‘Kin Ya See That Sun‘ were restored and mastered by Thomas Millioto.

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