The Magic Numbers, Esquires, Bedford, 18th May 2018

Esquires is a grimy dyed in the wool rock venue that has hosted many of the aspiring greats over the years, including Coldplay, Oasis,  Dodgy and Richmond Fontaine to name but the few I have seen (Oasis may have been the Angel – life’s journey has had some impact). So, The Magic Numbers on a Friday night, what could be better? Some glorious harmonies and whip smart tunes in front of a sold out house. Brilliant…..or not as it turned out.

You know you are in trouble if the singer is telling the audience to shut up and listen by the third number. The band were brilliant – in tune and on song – trading harmonies and breaks as the songs spilled forward. Some impressive numbers from the excellent new album but… the idiots kept shouting during the songs and talking during the band chat. Now call me old school but if I’ve paid good money after a week of nonsense on the shop floor all I want to do is listen to a great band and sink some suds. This was not going to happen. There were legions of us; pissed off and addressing idiots who gleefully smiled as they told us to piss off back and ignored the fact that they were sucking the life out of a great evening.

Despite moving round the room the inescapable fact was that Bedford has some utter gits lurking in the live music scene who have no idea of the damage they are doing. I give Esquires two years. And I will seek out The Magic Numbers again somewhere else where they are listened to. Keep plugging away folks and ignore the middle England tosspots.

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Andrew Riggs

Great review and too often these small venues with muppets at the bar mar a good show – stop serving drinks during the show