The Stubborn Lovers “Counting Feathers On A Sparrow’s Wing” – Fewer than you might think

Photo: Chelsea Donoho

It’s been four long years since we’ve heard from The Stubborn Lovers, but here they are again wiht a new album ‘Come A Reckoning‘ due out November 8th.  It see’s the Portland, Oregon band further building their sound with bassist and songwriter Jenny Taylor digging deep into an appreciation of The Boss; singer / guitarist Mandy Allan adding some Southern style whilst drummer Michael “Pearl” Nelson draws on a mixture of jazz and rock from his previous playing.  And they know what kind of music they are making – as Jenny Taylor says “We are an Americana band, I’ve chosen to write in that genre because it’s where I feel the best contemporary songwriters are working, but I don’t let it limit me. I feel like I pushed my bandmates a bit with some of the newer songs, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they rose to the challenge.

We’re sure you’ll agree – with ‘Counting Feathers on a Sparrow’s Wing‘ powering through dark doubts, whilst noting that even the smallest bird flies unburdened by such concerns.

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