Track Premiere: Beth Bombara “Moment”

Photo: Virginia Harold

What a pleasure to be able to offer you, our dear readership, an early listen to the latest song released by the awesome Beth Bombara and taken from the new album ‘It All Goes Up‘ which will be out on August 4th, and we really can’t wait to hear it all.  Beth Bombara just seems to be getting better and better, and there’s a fine laid-back vibe to ‘Moment’ which she proffers this explanation for: ” When the world sort of came “back” after the pandemic, I wasn’t ready for it. I’d adjusted to this slower pace of life, which gave me space to examine my priorities and what really brings me joy. It’s a reminder to myself to live fully in the present, so that life becomes these poignant, meaningful moments that will carry us through the times ahead.

Well, Amen to that.

And if you’re wondering why these new songs from Beth Bombara shine so vividly it may well be down to the way the album was recorded.  Bombara produced this album herself, along with her partner, Kit Hamon. The drums, bass, and rhythm guitar were all tracked live, with lush sonic layers laid on top of the basic rhythm section one by one. Add in an ear for a great tune and Beth Bombara’s smart and emotionally savvy lyric writing, and you have something special going on.

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Reese E. Forbes

I have seen her perform live several times, and she is always wonderful.