Track Premiere: Camille Trail “Gotta Get To Know You”

Camille Trail is, it seems, heading in all new directions at once.  Following her recent return to the single life after a long-term relationship came to an end she has, she says “moved to a whole new place, I got new friends, new hobbies, completely started over. Everything is new and different and exciting now and I wanted the music to reflect that as well.”  Previously the Australian singer-songwriter had recorded country material, but the new songs fit better into a vibrant indie-folk form.  That’s where Camille Trail is at right now, as she says “People ask what kind of artist are you and I’m like, I don’t know. At this point of time my music is this but I don’t know what kind of artist I am. I feel like we are always figuring that out every day.

The new direction in music also made for a good fit with the forging of new friendships within a wider folk community – she landed at Folk Alliance in Kansas City earlier this year, sick, jetlagged, and unsure, but welcomed.  “It was just like this really beautiful energy: so many creative people in the one space and it was really inspiring,” remembers Camille. “It was very cup-filling: it’s overwhelming but it was also, Yep, this is what I want to be doing.”

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