Track Premiere: Cary Morin “Come the Rain”

Come the Rain‘ which we are premiering today is the lead single from Cory Morin’s new album ‘Dockside Saints‘, which is out on August 7th.  It’s an album that showcases Morin’s recently developed finger-picking guitar style, across a blend of blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, country which make up a real Americana blend.

‘Come the Rain’ is a song that came together quickly as Cary Morin explains “The comparison of a human relationship to a flood.  The wind and the rain and the river rising as a metaphor for life’s relationship troubles.  I was in Lafayette when I wrote this song, about a few days before going into the studio.  I was at a friend’s shop drinking a beer, listening to a Taj Mahal song. The chord structure was maddeningly simple – four chords, but the feel was so fantastic and full.  So, I got out a guitar and the Zoom and recorded this progression, not a variation on the Taj song, though inspired by his simplicity.  Having the last chord of each verse resolve.  Then I wrote the words and brought it to the studio.  Since it was such a “young” song, I wasn’t sure how it would work.  It is truly the product of a long day’s work in the studio and the persistence of Tony Daigle, to create something worthy.  It was intended to be a simple, straight-ahead rock and roll tune.  I finally decide that it didn’t need to be more than it already is…” 

Cary Morin speaks of his easy relation to the guitar with an honest acceptance of his skill that many a hapless string basher would envy “I found a guitar that one of my older brothers had left at home when he went to college.  I picked it up and I could just play it. I don’t know why it was so easy for me.”  He also absorbed influence by ear, citing his parents’ record collection became his best teacher: “I became pretty adept at learning songs from vinyl: John Prine, Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, David Bromberg, Norman Blake, Tony Rice … I used to listen to classical guitarists like Andres Segovia, Vicente Gomez, and Gypsy music, piano rags, etc. when I was about 12 years old.”

Crow tribal member Cary Morin says of the relation he finds between place and music that “the ancient Native culture of the South has been an inspiration as it relates to our travels and what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Mississippi Valley.  As my wife, Celeste, and I traverse this country, my eyes are flooded with landscapes and visions that gift me with an endless supply of songs. This collection represents our annual migration, just as my ancestors migrated from this region to the Western Plains so many centuries ago, sharing culture through music and more along the way. It is the product of our imagination of what was, and what has become our love of the sounds of the South. ”

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Celeste Di Iorio

Thank you Jonathan!