Track Premiere: Curse Of Lono “So Damned Beautiful”

Photo: Isy Townsend

Dark.  We often glibly talk about a song being edgy, being dark, delving deep into nightmare situations.  ‘So Damned Beautiful‘, the new single from Curse of Lono’s new album ‘People In Cars‘ is one such song that’ll get that dark tag.  It’s dark, and it also sparkles with an attractive undertone – like something you want although you know it is going to hurt you.

The difference is that on ‘So Damned Beautiful‘ Felix Bechtolsheimer’s songwriting draws on the stark reality of an unimaginable year that this musician has lived through. His father, uncle and ex-partner all passed away in the space of one year and it’s the latter of these three that’s the subject of the song.  It was a death that was preceded by Felix’s one-time partner running off for a drug-filled weekend affair – where her fling overdosed on heroin.  She died shortly afterwards by August 2020.  ‘So Damned Beautiful’ is an outpouring that tried to come to terms with this and is written from the perspective of her ex-partner’s mortal lothario. Felix shared his thoughts on this : “I wrote the song from the point of view of the guy, who I didn’t know, of that dirty weekend, and that overdose. When you OD on heroin you do feel pretty great until it goes wrong, so that stuff came back into the picture.

Curse of Lono have some live dates coming up on/at:

26th Nov – Banquet, Kingston

29th Nov – Rough Trade, Nottingham 

30th Nov – Rough Trade, Bristol

1st  Dec – Electrowerkz, London (full gig) 

2nd  Dec – Phase One, Liverpool 

3rd Dec – Crash, Leeds

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