Track Premiere: Delgado “Tin Corazon”

Photo: Alina Roz

Today’s premiere on Americana UK is the title track of the new album from Delgado, which marks a return to recording after a ten year silence. Although obviously not the cause of this recording break it is the Covid pandemic that enabled the album to come together:  just before the pandemic, Delgado started sending the producer Jason Davis demos. Some of them were just cell phone videos of him playing guitar. They then booked a week to record, but then the pandemic hit. After rescheduling, Delgado and Davis eventually said, “Fuck it! Let’s just track it all remotely. . .” so Delgado sent him extensive notes for amp and stompbox settings— which Davis generally ignored.  While Delgado laughs at this, everyone agrees that what resulted was an exercise in trust. He states, “At the end of the day, Jason truly understood my vision and knew exactly how to execute it in the studio.”

Delgado told Americana UK about the background to ‘Tin Corazon‘ and it’s inspiration: “I spent much of my childhood on the road. When I was 3 years old my mother left my father, a toxic drunk turned evangelical toxic drunk. She then traded in the VW Bus for a 1975 Honda Civic, threw me and my older sister into the backseat and drove us across country several times in search of a wide-eyed greener pastures. Between the ages of 3 and 17 I had moved a total of 13 times. Under these conditions the word “home” took on a different meaning than that of my friends raised with consistency in a carefully curated brick and mortar environment. I named the song ‘Tin Corazón’ as a tribute to my mom who was a New Mexico Revival-style tinsmith when I was very young.  P.S. She used to transport a horse in that VW bus.”


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Hey y’all! I should probably have posted this on the first day. But better late than never.

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