Track Premiere: Freddy Trujillo “I Never Threw A Shadow At It”

You’ll have seen that Freddy Trujillo – bassist in The Delines and Richmond Fontaine – has a new album coming out, and will be opening for The Delines on their upcoming European tour (which does include UK dates thank goodness).  Well, we won’t repeat it all again, click the link to read about the unmissable tour dates – but what we have here is a chance to have a first listen to the latest single from Freddy Trujillo.  Shamefully this song is a true story.  Really, WTF?  As it unravels it takes on a waking nightmare quality.  ‘I Never Threw A Shadow At It,’ details a situation where Trujillo called the Los Angeles Police Department when someone attempted to steal his car, only to be treated like the criminal because of the colour of his skin when the police showed up.  As Trujillo sings “why are you turning on me? / I called you so let me be. / Doesn’t your badge say “protect and serve?” / That’s when they handcuffed me, made me sit on the kerb.

The song is the title track of Freddy Trujillo’s new album and he told Americana UK that “I usually write songs about my life or memories. ‘I Never Threw A Shadow At It’ is about a personal incident I had with the LAPD in 1992. All songs, except ‘Corpus Christi’ and ‘Remember,’ are personal songs or about someone that is close to me.”

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