Track Premiere: Great Lake Swimmers “Getting To The Heart Of It”

There’s a lot of good news attached to this Premiere of a new song from Great Lake Swimmers.  Not only is  ‘Getting to the Heart of It‘ a great song from Tony Dekker, reverberating beautifully as he contemplates the world and all it contains, but it’s his contribution to a split single with Picastro (Liz Hysen) who contributes the songs ‘Where Are You‘ and ‘Thursday‘.

And why does Tony Dekker need a split single with Picastro?  Well, that’s because they are heading out to Europe as a solo duo – two artists individually playing their music in a stripped back form.  We’re betting there’ll be some songs performed together as well.  And why the tour?

Well, as night follows day then tours follow new albums to promote!  Great Lake Swimmers has ‘The Waves, The Wake (Acoustic)‘ and Picastro has ‘Exit‘, which also features Tony Dekker on vocal support.  It’s worth mentioning for all those vinyl heads amongst the fans of Great Lake Swimmers and Picastro that the split 7″ physical release will be pressed to translucent purple vinyl, and it’ll be available at the shows (dates after the song).

European Tour Dates

31/03/2 02 0 : Trix – Antwerpen (B)
01/04/20 20 : The Brunswick – Brighton (UK)
02/04/20 20 : Cavern C lub – Exeter (UK)
03/04/20 20 : St Pancras Old Church – London (UK )
05/04/20 20 : Sneaky Pete’s – Edinburgh (UK)
06/04/20 20 : The Cluny – Newcastle (UK)
08/04/20 20 : Q Factory – Amsterdam (NL)
09/04/20 20 : db’s – Utrecht (NL)
10/04/20 20 : Privat Club – Berlin (D)
12/04/20 20 : Trafo – Jena (D)
15/04/20 20 : Guest Room – Graz (A)
19/04/20 20 : Akvárium Klub – Budapest (HR)

Photo of Tony Dekker : Joe Lapinski

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