Track Premiere: Jacklen Ro “Side By Side”

Photo: Caitlyn Phu

Jacklen Ro’s new song tells of endless love, a love to last a lifetime, and maybe more “you’ll get all of my love ’til we’re buried side-by-side” sings Jackie Giroux on this bouncy upbeat song.

Jacklen Ro is songwriting duo Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins, on a best friend’s journey from being a bedroom pop duo to now, most recently in 2021, releasing three singles and an EP on Lolipop Records.  And although their music does have a folky guitar led feel to it, with a great dollop of exuberance and dare we say youthful optimism (you remember optimism, right?) the pair aim to eschew narrow genre definitions and to cut through that music for this or that group crapola.  Right on.  For Jacklen Ro honesty is important as Caelen explains saying that it often feels that there’s “a shared ‘callousness’ felt amongst most who are emotionally fatigued by corporations and establishments using sentimentality to push product. Then, you feel something genuine and real from someone else and, damn, our heart loves feeling! And it loves to trust. And if you can put those two together, you have friendship.”

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