Track Premiere: Josh Rennie-Hynes “Home To You”

Josh Rennie-Hynes has an excellent new album out on the 27th of this month, called ‘Patterns‘ (read the full review here) which the Australian borne musician has recorded in his new home of Nashville.  It’s got a country feel, but it also has a good sized portion of Neil Youngesque guitar fireworks.  This song, ‘Home to You‘, is something of an anomaly on the album – it’s far more lo-fi, has a wonderful intimacy and shows off another side to Josh Rennie-Hynes.  And it’s also a duet with Erin Rae.

Josh has spoken about how the song came together, and what it’s all about: “I already had this song recorded and decided a few months after finishing/mixing the record that I wanted to re-record it as a duet with a woman. Erin Rae is one of my favorite Nashville songwriters and was my first choice. My producer, Alex Munoz put me in touch and the rest as they say, is history.  I wrote it with my Grandfather in mind. He was a POW in Italy during WW2 for three or four years. When I wrote this song I was trying to imagine how that must have felt – not knowing if you would survive another day but keeping the thought of your loved one close to your heart to keep you alive and surviving. The idea of finally returning home to that person after all the time that’s passed and the things that have occurred.  We recorded this one down at High Cotton Studios in Antioch, TN. The rest of the album was recorded at Sound Emporium so it was a change-up. We tracked it live, just like the rest of the album. Erin and I worked out how we wanted to sing the song and just went for it until we had a performance we were both sold on. It was a real joy to sing together.”

Photo by Citizen Kane Wayne

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