Track Premiere: Lashes “Daydreamer”

Lashes are a London band who have found that the path to rock ‘n’ roll greatness is paved with the likes of the Stones,  The Band, The Faces and Dylan.   The band name, perhaps not too surprisingly, comes from a night out on “the lash” which encouraged the band to try and  emulate their heroes who would play all night, party until the morning and then get up to do it all over again.

Their new single ‘Daydreamer’ is out today and convolves Stonesy guitar riffs with soulful vocals and vintage country-rock vibes.  It’s basically a song of gratitude as front man Harry White explains “The whole theme is about being grateful for what you’ve got in your life right now. But the story told is one you can interpret however you want – you can take the lyrics and apply them to yourself however you like. The song was born out of nowhere and very quickly. Three chords, ramblings of truth and 10 minutes gave us Daydreamer. And that reflects the song. Don’t dwell on things, don’t overwork it and take time to daydream in your own little world.”

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