Track Premiere: Little Shrine “One More Chance”

Little Shrine is a San Francisco Bay area band led by singer/songwriter Jade Shipman.  They first came together as a multi-band side-project in 2014, all the participants were already in other bands, and Jade Shipman needed some kindred spirits to turn her songs into music.  With the help of guitarist Tony Schoenberg, violinist Ryan Avery, drummer Andrew Griffin, and keyboardist Garrett Warshaw this aim was achieved – Jade Shipman’s songs emerged brimming with a punk pathos reminiscent of Blondie and with a little of that Jonathan Richman college rock vibe going on in the background.

One More Chance‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming release ‘The Good Thing About Time‘,  which will appear on April 17th – but you have the chance to enjoy this exclusive sneak preview right now.  It’s a catchy song about heartbreak, mistakes and resolve – you may nod, you may proffer a wry smile, you may even bop.

Jade Shipman explained her thoughts on the new song to Americana UK : “I wrote ‘One More Chance’ after I ended a relationship, rashly. I didn’t think it through; in the moment, I felt hurt and angry, and those feelings were unbearable, so I broke it off.  I thought it would be like ripping off a Band-Aid, but it wasn’t. After, there were many months of confusion and sorrow. The relationship had things that needed work, but instead of trying to resolve them, I just bolted. It felt safer that way. But it meant that I lost someone I loved. In time, I could see that I’d made a mistake, and that my own relationship skills needed work.  This song popped out around that time. Realizing new things is so odd because even though I was in pain, I still love learning. So, I had this excited fresh feeling. I could sense that I needed to change something about myself and I felt ready to do it. Since then, I’ve taken that lesson seriously and have more capacity to stick things out.  This song is fundamentally optimistic, I think. We all make mistakes, but in not repeating them, there’s a lot of hope and potential. Things can be redefined if we hit the reset button with some new skills at the ready. I don’t feel like I can control the outcome of anything, but I can control how I behave and that can set things off on a different course.”

Photo: Ginger Fierstein

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