Track Premiere: Lori Triplett “All I’m Letting Go Of”

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All I’m Letting Go Of‘ is the reflective new single from Lori Triplett which will be available everywhere from Friday but you can hear it here first at Americana UK.  A small-town Ohio native, Lori’s much anticipated third independently released full-length album, ‘When the Morning Comes‘, will be released in March 2024.  Now Nashville based, Lori Triplett has always been told she is an old soul – and it’s something she has been happy to embrace, seeing it as a positive which lets her trust her own creative instincts, ignoring the outside voices telling her what to write, how to sound, and who to be as an artist.  Although it’s just possible that she had some family influence along the way as she says that “My dad taught me to appreciate lyrics and really listen to the story being told in the song.  He also taught me to never shy away from a sad song.  Seeing a strong, grown man you love and admire singing his heart out to a sad Paul Williams love song like, ‘Nice to Be Around’ or Dan Fogelberg’s, ‘Same Old Lang Syne’, as a child really has an impact on you.  It showed me how music can help others express their own emotions and feelings—even where you may least expect it.”

Lori Triplett told Americana UK about the song and the album it comes from saying: “This single is from my forthcoming new album, When the Morning Comes, which releases in March 2024. I can’t stress enough just how much what has been happening in my life and in the world over the past few years has influenced the songs on the album. My mom was diagnosed with a very advanced form of breast cancer in November 2019, and it turned her life and my family’s lives upside down. It gave me a new perspective on a lot of things in life, and that news forever changed our lives. The trail of emotions it left and what my mom is fighting is interwoven all throughout this record–love, loss, uncertainty, and fear, remembering how short life is, looking for the good in yourself and in the world around you, processing grief and anger, remembering what really matters in life, finding the will to keep fighting each day during difficult seasons, and seeing the light again in dark times. ‘All I’m Letting Go Of’ is the by-product of experiencing all these sorts of emotions over the past few years.”  Speaking more to the song itself she confided that “‘All I’m Letting Go Of’ sort of just fell out of me one day while I was writing at home. It came quickly, which doesn’t always happen when I’m writing, so I feel like it was probably sitting dormant in me for a long time before I finally started singing it and writing it down. I didn’t set out to write anything in particular that day, but I had made a note in my phone one day of the song title idea. I remember sitting on my couch with my guitar and thinking about how everyone tells you to let it go but then thinking about where it goes once you do. I probably had the title and idea in my mind for a month before I actually wrote the song. I started playing, and the song came together really easily after that. My producer, Paul Moak, and I wanted to keep the production around the song very simple and keep the focus on the lyrics, so it’s a pretty strippeddown arrangement (vocals, BGVs, acoustic guitar, piano, b3, and mellotron).

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