Track Premiere: Mikaela Finne “Outlaw Women”

Photo: Sean McLatchie Lewthwaite

Where does the Outlaw Country of Mikaela Finne’s new album ‘Time Stands Still‘ (out on August 27th) come from?  Well – it sure ain’t Nashville.  Mikaela Finne grew up in Vaasa on the Finish coast, and now lives in Stockholm.  Her musical path is similarly not the straight line to a rocking country sound – Finne’s first love was Heavy Metal.  Not that there’s much heavy metal on ‘Outlaw Women‘ – “The country music comes from my dad,” she explains, recalling his love for Dolly Parton and Creedence. “The word ‘outlaw’, for me, [means] you do something that you love regardless of what anybody else thinks about what you’re doing. … When I was a teenager, the music and the heavy metal that I listened to were totally outlaw.”

Talking further of ‘Outlaw Women’ Mikaela Finne told us: “Now, this song means a lot to me. Like a lot a lot, because it’s about something I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass about what people think of me, and many people out there don’t like that. At all. Especially some of the opposite sex. So, in this day and age, the ‘new’ outlaws are women who stand up for themselves, love themselves and don’t take any crap from nobody. I wanted to write a song for us, and any woman on her journey to become an Outlaw Woman. We’re Outlaw Women, and we ain’t going anywhere.   The demo version of this song I brought into the studio is not the version we decided to put on the record. After recording it my producer, Brady Blade, had the excellent idea of changing the rhythm. We recorded it again, and it was just…wow. The song was now complete.

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