Track Premiere: My Sister, My Brother “Another Life”

Photo: Taylor Ballantyne

Another Life‘ starts out acoustic but soon plunges into a full-bloodied rock song with Garrison Starr and Sean McConnell trading lines and wandering into the same LA streets that Bob Seeger dragged the Silver Bullet Band into.  The song is a tale of drunkenness and stumbling along Santa Monica Boulevard, it’s about bonding over a love of seventies rock songs, it’s about finding someone who feels like an old friend.

It’s a theme that also reflects on how the duo settled on their name, as Sean McConnell explains:  “When we started writing and especially when we started singing together, it was like, ‘Wow. This is not normal. This feels very natural.’  It feels like singing with a sibling you’ve sung with for a long time. Very quickly, it became a special collaboration.

Garrison Starr told Americana UK that “‘Another Life’ was such a fun song to write. It felt unexpected musically as it was coming out. Almost like the ghosts of our heroes were singing and playing through us.  Sean and I have joked a lot about how we may have been separated at birth, so we explored some of that idea in this song. It has a spontaneity and a playfulness about it that I love.

Another Life‘ comes from the duo’s latest EP following on from their just before the pandemic self-titled release.  The artists reunited as soon as travel bans were lifted and began creating new music. After a week of hunkering down at McConnell’s Silent Desert Studio, they emerged with a collection of seven new songs entitled ‘My Sister, My Brother II.’  Catchy.

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