Track Premiere: Paul Haas “She Told Me”

Paul Haas brings a Bluegrass touch to his debut album ‘Long Long Time’, which gets its release on Teahouse Records.  Paul Haas’ story is one of determination – it’s fairly unusual after all to release your debut at the age of 65.  Not that music is a new thing for Haas – he’s been writing songs for the last 35 years, whilst holding down the double daytime duties of trucker and single parent.  No easy feat.

A fourth-generation Californian, Haas writes music that blends in the classical simplicity of a Hank Williams with a bit of Outlaw edge and a mighty chunk of his own vision all delivered with a distinctive baritone.  This is truly lived in music, and it rings true because of that.

On his debut he was joined by some notable musicians – it’s not everyone who gets Michael Jerome on drums or Herb Pederson as a harmony singer alongside Andreas Geck who has played bass with Brian Auger and lead guitarist Nate Lapointe who’s credits include Bobby Womack.

The single ‘She Told Me‘ jounces along with that Bluegrass feel, with lead guitar cutting through fiddle and mandolin.  It’s a light delight retelling another’s determination “I’m going to find a way to make you mine, she told me, she told me / I am going to get my way.”  And you can’t argue with that.

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