Track Premiere – Smith Allen “Pouring Rain”

If you like your music drenched in pedal steel and with a singer with a warm vocal, then you’re going to like Smith Allen.  If you like your backup vocals performed by Miranda Lee Richards then you’re really going to like Smith Allen’s new single ‘Pouring Rain‘. 

It’s a single that touches on universal themes of pain in a break up, as Smith Allen says “I wrote ‘Pouring Rain’ in a moment of desperation and heartache. It’s really about the desire to share your love with someone who is not yet willing to share theirs. It touches on ideas of trust and compromise while reflecting on relationships that I have witnessed throughout my life. Ultimately, the song is a plea for entry into the heart for which I’ve been longing.”

Smith Allen is an Ohio raised singer/songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles. He moved to California 7 years ago, desperate for a less predictable future and ready to break the norm and expectations of his small town. Smith fell for the Golden State and all it has to offer – treading in the depths of city life with a healthy bit of Midwest twang.  ‘Pouring Rain‘ is the lead single from Smith Allen’s upcoming eponymous album that captures a landscape of country-esque songs that stab at the highs and lows of being an artist in a big city. From the dullness of a dark bar to the zing of a coastal road trip, it’s what Cali Country is all about.

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