Track Premiere: Wayne Graham “Taking You In”

Much like Blondie, who famously sported “Blondie is a band” badges, Wayne Graham are at pains to point out that they too are a band – there is no Wayne Graham (at least, not in the band).  The Miles brothers, Kenny (vocals, multi instrumentalist) and Hayden (vocals, drums, multi instrumentalist), and Lee Owen (lead guitar) and Jose Oreta (bass) are the band members, and they are about to release their new album ‘Ish‘, from which today’s premiere is taken.  ‘Ish‘ is the eighth album by Wayne Graham and is released on November 11th.

The band told Americana UK about both the song ‘Taking You In‘ and the new album ‘Ish‘: “Another inspiration for the perspective we made this record from is the story of Lilith, Adam’s original intended partner in the garden of Eden.  As the story goes, Lilith was made from the dust of the earth like Adam, and therefore didn’t feel compelled to obey his commands.  She willingly left the garden, breaking Adam’s heart, and wound up being cursed to lose most of her children during labor.  The song “Taking you in” alternates between describing a scene where Lilith is wandering through the wilderness drinking from a stream humming to herself, to our Mamaw assisting her father at his moonshine still.  I felt they represent two very different examples of “godly” women who may not fit within the common definition. (The record is titled “Ish” because that was the alternate name we gave Lilith).”

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