Video: Jillian Rae “Doing My Best”

Here is the first single of 2022 from Minneapolis singer-songwriter and fiddler Jillian Rae.  ‘Doing My Best’ was originally written as part of a project to help children dealing with trauma but the positive theme is universal in these troubled times.  So, the song has had the full-band treatment and Rae explains: “It feels like a hug at the end of a long day – something we all can use, especially these days.”  A classically trained violinist, Rae became a country and folk fiddler and recent compositions have veered towards a more poppy sound.  Whatever genre she turns her hand to, she brings her considerable song-writing talents and intimate, absorbing vocal.  ‘Doing My Best’ begins with booming drums before drawn out guitar and Rae’s distinctive voice deliver an aching melody and words we all need to hear sometimes: “Nobody’s perfect // In fact it’s our imperfections // That set us apart and make us who we are.”

The video catches the performers at work, recording together in an intimate setting.  Rae explains: “My little home studio in the basement of my house was my life raft these last couple of years. While the world felt like a hurricane of chaos outside, the basement was my safe space – my creativity zone, my connection to ‘the before times,’ my portal to the outside world when staying home was an abrupt necessity. Filming the ‘Doing My Best’ video in the space where the song was written, rehearsed, and recorded felt like the ultimate creature-comfort for the whole band. Like a warm, cosy blanket, or that feeling when you step out of a long hot shower. I hoped a simple capture of us performing the tune in our literal comfort zone – the basement – would highlight the band, the meaning of the song, and the vibe of a group of people just doing their dang best.”  Mostly filmed in black and white, by the end the video has transformed into full colour, reflecting the message of hopefulness; we shall emerge from dark times and life will be better – and full of colour – once again.  In recent years, there’s been so much change and uncertainty, the song’s themes will resonate for everyone.  Check it out and look out for further singles throughout 2022.

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