Mary Gauthier “Dark Enough To See The Stars” – gaining clarity from grief

Photo: Laura Schneider

The singles really are coming thick and fast from Mary Gauthier’s upcoming album ‘Dark Enough To See The Stars‘, which is released on June 3rd.  Not that we’re complaining – we love Mary Gauthier so really the more the merrier.  Today we have the album’s title track – a slow and sombre ballad, but with a glimmering heart of, well not quite optimism but an acceptance, and the finding of some comfort in that.

Mary Gauthier has said this about the song: “I co-wrote the song ‘Dark Enough To See The Stars’ with Beth Nielsen Chapman many years ago, but never released it because it did not feel quite right.  We took another look at it during the dark days of the pandemic after we’d both lost several dear friends. We saw the song in a new light and were able to re-write it and find the core idea… which is that although the people that we’d lost were gone, the love that they’d given us was not. It was given as a gift we could keep, forever. There is something about grief that brings clarity. I took the title from a Martin Luther King speech. Dr. King said, ‘Trouble is in the land; confusion all around. But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.’ To me, this means when things seem at their worst, we’re often gifted with knowing exactly what is important, and what matters most.

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