Video Premiere: Bonnie & The Mere Mortals “It’s All Fine”

Photo credit:Veronica Baron

Here is the latest single from Southern gothic Americana band Bonnie & the Mere Mortals.  ‘It’s All Fine’ is driven along by Andrew Roulston’s urgent percussion, over which absorbing musical textures are provided by Mik Francis on upright bass, Destin LeCornu’s keys and Matt Elias’s gorgeous guitar.  Singer Bonnie Ramone is joined by Sophie Gault and, together, they deliver a brilliantly emotive and melodic vocal performance – the highlight of this song.  There’s a real depth of feeling in the lyrics, well-chosen words that describe facing up to the challenges in life and asserting that you will get your time to flourish: “This year it’s not worth opening your eyes…It’s all absurd // But you’ll get your turn.”  This live performance was recorded live at The Club Cafe in Pittsburgh and we can see the quality of all the players on show.

Bonnie Ramone told AUK about the song: “‘It’s All Fine’ is about the waiting rooms in life. The times when you make a giant move and don’t know anyone yet. When you make a big decision, and the seeds have just split–no growth to be seen above ground. Those times in life are important and necessary, but the chorus is ornery; a sort of tongue-in-cheek mantra. An anthem for the tired. I wrote this song before the shutdown, but working on it also helped me get through.”

Ramone grew up on a farm with classic country providing the soundtrack to her childhood.  Then, in high school, she rebelled against all that, embracing teen goth culture before becoming a tattoo artist and joining her first heavy metal band.  The queer-identifying artist eventually began to revisit those country roots, taking particular note of Gillian Welch’s work.  Ramone says: “It started reminding me of the not terrible parts of home.  I noticed these country records were using the same guitar tone as Robert Smith and The Cure. I was listening to Depeche Mode’s ‘Dream On’ and thought, why isn’t there a band doing this? Southern Gothic music in the literary tradition focusing on the themes I love. Like Dolly Parton with synths, or The Cure with slide guitar. I wanted to create these Appalachian goth nights for other people like me.”  So far, the EP ‘Tennessee’ and full-length record ‘Southern Gothic’ have showcased Ramone’s intriguing blend of styles and cultures, metal and Americana, gothic and country.

Now, Ramone is set to release ‘Live & Unplugged’ on 4th August 2023, delivering her songs with the help of a band.  She says of the album: “I’m proud of this album in a completely different way.  These songs have scars and a life of their own. I’m the caretaker of these songs. I road-tested these songs, toured them for a year. They’ve changed me as well. While the first EP and album were studio creations, ‘Live & Unplugged’ is the work of a full band that has collaborated together and grown with these songs since the shut down. I wrote these songs, but touring with Matt and Andrew has brought them to life in a whole new way.”  Enjoy ‘It’s All Fine’ and then check out the album.


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