Video Premiere: Brian Seymour “Dandelion”

Photo credit: Joe del Tufo, Moonloop Photography

When watching the new video from Brian Seymour, two things strike you immediately: the quality of his vocal, full of depth, tone and character, and also the simple joy he takes in playing and performing.  The way he approaches his songs is heartfelt and earnest and this sincerity is infectious, winning over the listener swiftly.  Seymour’s piano is compelling and propels ‘Dandelion’ along, through a delightful melody, buoyed by rising backing vocals.  The video, produced, directed and edited by Seymour himself, was filmed in the woods of Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, and its playfulness is the perfect accompaniment to the song.

Seymour says of the song: “‘Dandelion’ sprang to life as a rush of joy at my piano one pre-dawn shuffle in mid-winter. I had been thinking about how love, even when it is sublime, is a struggle. This romp testifies it is all worth it and tomorrow is a chance to make it right and to love more.  I wrote ‘Dandelion’ after I had sorted songs for a new record. In that chapter, I was writing mostly at the piano and felt as if I needed to let loose. The song was one of those miracles, it just happened. Some trimming and shaping helped it to breathe, but it was all there that solitary morning of cold floors and hushed melodies. ‘Dandelion’ is a 2:45 meditation on the essential truth of love, that it happens, it is not a memory or a fable, it grows and needs care to thrive. Tomorrow we love, more.”  It’s hard to argue with that message of hope, love and positivity and he’s absolutely right: love is something we need to do more of in a world full of uncertainty and doubt.

The single is taken from the veteran’s forthcoming album ‘American Courage’, which fans will get to hear on 30th June 2023.  Having released four albums already, beginning with ‘A Thousand Tarzans’ back in the year 2000, Seymour is a seasoned, confident performer and songwriter, who incorporates a range of styles in his music, particularly folk and pop sensibilities.  However, it’s over ten years since his last album.  Why now?  Because the world needs love and hope through music more than ever.  He says of the new record: “‘American Courage’ is a shot at reconciliation. It pushes back against hopelessness brought on by the pandemic and relentless social injustice. The core idea of this project is that love ain’t easy but it’s everything. I can’t imagine a world without the promise of America.”  You can find that promise in Seymour’s fine songcraft and engaging melodies.  Enjoy.

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