Video Premiere: Claudia Buzzetti and The Hootenanny “New York Walk”

Photo supplied by Hoodooh PR

Here is the video premiere of the rhythmic ‘New York Walk’ by Claudia Buzzetti and The Hootenanny.  The single is taken from Buzzetti’s well-received debut EP ‘7 Years Crying’, which came out in the summer.  ‘New York Walk’ has a fabulous foot-tapping groove that makes you want to get up and dance.  The highlight is Buzzetti’s distinctive vocal that pulses like additional percussion and creates a real sense of urgency throughout.  She is ably supported by Thomas Pagani’s guitar, Valentino Novelli’s forceful bass and Luca Ferrari on drums and synths.

‘New York Walk’ tells a story of paranoia and creeping dread as the character at the centre of the song senses they are being followed through the dark, shadowy streets of New York at night.  Buzzetti sings: “I’ll turn the key and I’ll be safe,” but the relief doesn’t last long as a knock at the door removes the protagonist’s sense of safety.  The dark figure that follows is a metaphor for the past we can’t leave behind, the darkness that makes us who we are.  Such sinister lyrics and themes contrast with the upbeat music.

The real star of the video is Nathalia Meneses Gonzalez, whose fluid movements capture our attention.  She flows through Daste e Spalenga, an abandoned power plant in Bergamo, her energy glowing in the minimalist, stark interior of this industrial setting.  Indeed, the song is like a burst of energy: hypnotic and full of attitude.  Check it out.  And get dancing.

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