Video Premiere: Daisy Chute “Music is There”

Daisy Chute’s single, ‘Music is There’, is a quiet anthem for music lovers.  It’s a love song to music, recognising the simple pleasure it gives and delighting in the way it connects people.  Music is a buoyancy aid for the soul and, in the darkest of times, it keeps us afloat.  Chute wrote this award-winning song during lockdown and every line resonates with relatable meaning.  Throughout the pandemic, across the globe, we have been contending with isolation, our lives changing beyond recognition.  Despite the lack of live shows, many of us have found hope and solace in music.  This song speaks for us: “Whenever all else fails me // Music you answer my prayers // Whenever I feel lonely // I know music is there.”  

The lyrics are heartfelt and direct and, along with the delicate guitar-work, gently rolling rhythm and a melody that rises and falls beautifully, there is a feel of Simon & Garfunkel or John Denver.  Daisy Chute’s gentle vocal delivery is your heart singing to you, reminding you of what connects and grounds you.  ‘Music is There’ is timeless and Chute’s Scottish and American heritage is evident in its musical roots.  The song has already won acclaim for the multi-instrumentalist songwriter, landing the Grand Prize for the International RootsTech 2021 songwriting competition.  Now, we’re delighted to premiere the video, which showcases the joy in performing, in creating, in listening and in shared, collective musical experience.  See the pleasure Chute feels as she plays and it’s impossible not to smile yourself.

Daisy Chute has spent a life in music, born to play, and she released her first album, a well-regarded jazz record, aged just 15.  Following three albums as lead singer of platinum-selling classical group All Angels, Chute has returned to her musical roots, creating acclaimed folk and Americana songs buoyed by her distinctive voice.  Her varied musical career so far has included video game, television and film soundtracks, ranging from Tomb Raider’ to ‘Shaun the Sheep the Movie’ and, most recently, singing solo on the soundtrack of the latest David Attenborough documentary ‘A Perfect Planet’. She also provided session vocals on Radiohead’s album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.  Thanks to a recent crowd-funding campaign, more solo singles are on the way.

For all those who love music, whatever your favoured style or genre, you find something you know in this song and its message about what music means to us: “You teach me to listen, you teach me to hear // You teach me to open up, live without fear // You teach me it’s okay to not be okay.”  Enjoy.

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Daisy Chute

Thank you premiering my new video and for this beautiful write up! So glad you like the song! 😍 love Daisy x

Mairi Ann Cullen

Oh, my! This song captures exactly my feelings and thoughts about the blessing of music in my life. Thank you, Daisy Chute! And thank you, Amer8cana UK, for highlighting it. Joyous video!