Video Premiere: Jesper Lindell “If There Comes a Time”

Photo credit: Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez

The video for ‘If There Comes a Time’ from Jesper Lindell is an artfully shot performance piece in which we see the full band at work.  This is fitting because one of the song’s strengths is the steady building of musical layers and instrumental flourishes and the quality contributions of all the musicians involved.  Jimmy Reimers’ trumpet and backing vocals and Rasmus Fors’ keys elevate and enhance the song, adding to the soulfulness.  It’s particularly effective in the way that the song both begins and ends with just Lindell’s weary voice and acoustic guitar, a structurally satisfying approach that seems to fit the story of the end of a relationship that once promised so much.  There’s a heartfelt, gritty resignation in Lindell’s vocal as he sings: “And so // Just one more for the road, girl // Yeah, just one more night // Before the rest of our lives unfolds, girl // If there comes a time // When you think of me again // Well, I hope it’s not with a broken heart // But with a smile and as a friend.”

‘If There Comes a Time’ is the latest single from Jesper Lindell’s second album, ‘Twilights’, which is out now.  Aside from the obvious pandemic and touring issues of the last couple of years, Lindell had to contend with record label challenges and a battle with a congenital kidney disease resulting in receiving a new kidney from his father.  Somehow Lindell channelled all of these obstacles into creative energy and put together an excellent album.  It was a collaborative effort with all six members of the band encouraged to bring forward ideas and inspiration and the result is music of the highest quality.  Check out our review here.

Lindell says of the song: “‘If There Comes A Time’ was one of the first songs I wrote for ‘Twilights’ and it is one of my personal favourites on the album. I think we managed to capture a very special feeling in the studio when we recorded it.”  Indeed, there is a special feeling captured by Lindell and these excellent performers: this is soulful Americana, full of heart.  Enjoy.

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