Video Premiere: Kirsten Adamson “Let Me Live”

In the video for ‘Let Me Live’, Kirsten Adamson rides her bicycle through darkened streets at night, finally arriving at the coast to watch the sun rise, a fiery re-birth over the dawn sea. It’s a smart metaphor to accompany a song that directly addresses the lost freedom endured during the lockdown but one that feels, ultimately, hopeful about the return to normality.  The song was written deep into quarantine with Adamson feeling the effects of separation from family.  She explains: “In a flood of tears, the song came tumbling out, and with grave circumstances in hospitals and care homes coming to light I couldn’t control my emotions!”

As well as the personal perspective, Adamson also sings more broadly of the social response to the crisis, recognising that our heroes are no longer superheroes but people living amongst us on our streets.  Of key workers, she sings: “We’ll remember them when this is over, // How they showed us all what bravery means.”  ‘Let Me Live’ is an up-tempo, foot-tapping song, featuring swirling layers of pedal steel and banjo.  For all the loss, it projects feelings of positivity.

Before the lockdown, Kirsten Adamson led a busy musical life, gigging four or five times a week.  Once live gigs were no longer possible, Adamson moved to regular online shows, which quickly found an audience of thousands tuning in from around the world.  Look out for the weekly shows, live-streamed from her garden summerhouse.

Alongside her solo material, Adamson is also one half of the Americana duo The Marriage.  Their debut full-length album, ‘Imagining Sunsets’, has just been released and is worth checking out.  In the meantime, take in the video premiere of Kirsten Adamson’s solo single and feel a touch of optimism for the future.

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Tried to order the Marriage – CD! But didn’t succeed …

Kirsten Adamson

It’s available from and haven’t had any issues with orders so far.