Video Premiere: Kirsten Adamson “Let Me Live”

In the video for ‘Let Me Live’, Kirsten Adamson rides her bicycle through darkened streets at night, finally arriving at the coast to watch the sun rise, a fiery re-birth over the dawn sea. It’s a smart metaphor to accompany a song that directly addresses the lost freedom endured during the lockdown but one that feels, ultimately, hopeful about the return to normality.  The song was written deep into quarantine with Adamson feeling the effects of separation from family.  She explains: “In a flood of tears, the song came tumbling out, and with grave circumstances in hospitals and care homes coming to light I couldn’t control my emotions!” Continue reading “Video Premiere: Kirsten Adamson “Let Me Live””

The Marriage “Imagining Sunsets” (Independent, 2020)

Collins Dictionary says the meaning of the word pleasant is  “Something that is nice, enjoyable or attractive”. Then if you put pleasant into a thesaurus you get words such as lovely, nice, likeable, agreeable and pleasing. ‘Imagining Sunsets’ the debut album from The Marriage deserves all those adjectives and more but it’s so gentle that it’s a bit like a carnivore eating a vegan hamburger – it’s nice but you find yourself needing some meat not long after! Continue reading “The Marriage “Imagining Sunsets” (Independent, 2020)”

Cash Back In Fife, Woodside Hotel, Aberdour, Fife, 6th – 8th March 2020

A new addition to the Scottish music scene, Cash Back In Fife is a weekend of music dedicated to the memory of Johnny Cash and in particular, Cash’s delight at discovering he had ancestors who had come to the new world from the ancient kingdom of Fife in Scotland. It’s the brainchild of Dean Owens, the singer songwriter from Leith who has previously released an album of songs sung by, written, or inspired by Cash. That album, ‘Cash Back (Songs I Learned From Johnny)’ led on to a successful Edinburgh Festival Fringe show and when Owens heard of Cash’s links to Fife, allied to his discovery of a relatively new music venue in the Fife village of Aberdour, well, something clicked. Continue reading “Cash Back In Fife, Woodside Hotel, Aberdour, Fife, 6th – 8th March 2020”

Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, 1st-4th August 2019

Now in its 55th year, an impressive achievement in itself, Cambridge Folk Festival continues to go from strength to strength and this year’s event was one of the best. At the top of the bill there were a lot of heavy hitters and they all delivered. Lucinda Williams wiped away memories of her dreadful appearance a few years ago with an outstanding set that, while it wasn’t the complete airing of ‘Car Wheels On A Gravel Road’ that she’s been touring was nevertheless full-on, committed, and contained a lot of fan-pleasers.  Her backing trio Buick 6 was also outstanding, particularly Stuart Mathis on guitar.  Continue reading “Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, 1st-4th August 2019”