Video Premiere: Lucy Grubb “You Don’t Do Anything”

We are delighted to premiere the new single from Norfolk’s Lucy Grubb, who successfully channels the authentic sound of Nashville in ‘You Don’t Do Anything’.  Grubb is backed by a fabulous group of players, who create an upbeat, rhythmic floor for her melodious vocal to dance upon.  Complete with Richard Ward’s jangling banjo, a foot-tapping, hand-clapping interlude as Grubb asks, “Do you still have Johnny on your bedroom wall?” and a fine guitar solo from Richard Poynton to conclude the song, ‘You Don’t do Anything’ is as good a country tune as you’ll hear from anywhere.  However, in this case, it comes from the streets of Norwich, which we see Grubb wandering through in this well-shot video.

Grubb says of the song: “This is one of those typical, ‘I wrote this song about somebody I used to know and I hope they don’t realise’ songs. It’s about feeling like you’ve been taken for granted by this person and saying ‘hey, you don’t do anything for me so maybe this isn’t working out’. This track was always meant to be a fairly tongue in cheek ode to our beloved Country music, although it does have its sincere moments and there is a level of honesty that I never try to hide in any of my songs. What do they say, Country music is three chords and the truth? Well this is something like that.”

Lucy Grubb has already released two highly-regarded EPs and now we can expect a third on 4th June.  Recording for ‘Waste My Time’ began all the way back in 2019 but was inevitably delayed by pandemic isolation.  Despite Norfolk’s rural broadband and the challenges of rehearsing and recording virtually and then in snatched opportunities between lockdowns, the new EP is almost here.  Grubb describes the experience of creating ‘Waste My Time’: “When we started this process I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end of it. Now I can quite confidently say that these songs sound like me, and they sound like my band, and it is my sound. At 23 I know I have plenty more to learn, and my music will change as I grow, but these songs are a product of the last year of my life.”

Lucy Grubb has certainly found her sound.  This is infectious country and the rest of the new material will be something to look forward to this summer.  Enjoy.


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Absolutely love it ❤

Mark Taylor

Cracking video to a belter of a song with an incredibly catchy chorus. Play the hell out of it!

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