Video Premiere: Mikey Wayne “First Kiss” (Echo Mountain Sessions)

The latest video from Mikey Wayne is a heartfelt ballad that takes us on a nostalgic journey back in time to memories of a first kiss and the passion and promise felt as emotions are stirred.  Over a warm strum, Wayne delivers an impassioned vocal – his clear, pure voice is perfect for a contemporary country sound.  The video for this Echo Mountain recording session is an artfully-shot piece that features the song stripped back to just Wayne’s voice and guitar, an acoustic approach that ensures our attention is on the engaging melody and the words.

Wayne explains what the song is all about: “The feeling of a First Kiss with someone special is a tirade of emotions. The anticipation, adrenaline, doubt, tension, butterflies… and finally, when you get the guts to go for it, there’s the feeling of confidence, victory, and yet more butterflies.  We all have emotional landmarks in life. A First Kiss is typically one you’ll never forget. You remember where you were, who you were with, the events leading up to it, the song on the radio. Years later, a simple song, place, smell, or feeling of the air can bring that memory flooding right back.  ‘First Kiss’ is a song that transports you back in time to a vivid memory of your first kiss. A flood of emotion washes over as you remember who you were with, where you were, the song on the radio, the tension in the air. It’s a song about life and the human experience.”

Now based in Nashville, Wayne is currently on tour with Aaron Lewis and working on a new record that’s due to be released in 2024.  Having fronted rock bands in his younger years, developing his performance skills and songwriting, Wayne is now focused firmly on a solo career.  He blends Nashville country sounds with influences from his roots in Southern California and Alabama.  The result is open-hearted words and music, delivered with passion.  Check it out.

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