Video Premiere: Neon Moon “Darlin'”

We’re delighted to share the premiere of the brand new single from Neon Moon.  The song is accompanied by a home-video style recording of the duo playing and singing on the beach in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel, which suits the longing vocal and laid-back melody, looking and sounding charmingly vintage.  Noelle and Josh Bohannon know how to write a song; their songcraft was honed through their 52 Song Project back in 2015 when they wrote a song a week for a year. 

Noelle says of the project: “It was an important step for us.  We proved to ourselves that we could do it, and ever since then we know that, if we sit down and make ourselves, we can write a song no matter what. Of course, it’s been nice to slow down and have a little more focus.”  Evidently, they learned plenty from the process.  Check out the video and prepare for a little nostalgia.

Author: Andrew Frolish

From up north but now hiding in rural Suffolk. An insomniac music-lover. Love discovering new music to get lost in - country, singer-songwriters, Americana, rock...whatever. Currently enjoying Lukas Nelson, Midland, Jarrod Dickenson.

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