Video Premiere: O.H. Moon “Pie and Tea”

On her new single, Texan songwriter O.H. Moon blends a little country guitar with a touch of jazzy piano and the result is the gorgeously tuneful ‘Pie and Tea’.  Gentle, soothing rhythms sway and shift through the song as it grows and swells, layered with precision by the highly-regarded producer Tucker Martine, who mixed and mastered the track.  Martine has worked with the likes of First Aid Kit, Beth Orton, Neko Case, The Jayhawks, The Decemberists and Sufjan Stevens and, here, he showcases the exceptional quality of Moon’s voice.  Indeed, the real highlight of ‘Pie and Tea’ is Moon’s plaintive, emotional vocal, which floats and weaves around a lovely melody over the thrumming groove and warming keys.  Some of that extra musical texture is supplied by Sean Flora (production/bass/keyboards) and Petra Manis (guitarist), who fill out the sound, with added richness coming through stirring harmonies.  ‘Pie and Tea’ is a song about life and love, of finding one another in the end despite the hardships we face along the way and it finds the right balance between melancholy and hopefulness.  She says of the song: “I’m talking to humanity in this song, telling my story, telling humanity that days can be tough but life is beautiful. And I’m talking to my soulmate who is somewhere out there, saying that when I’m done with all of my afflictions and you’re done with all of yours I’ll be waiting with some pie and some tea and all will be good, that the bittersweetness of life is all worth it.”

The accompanying video is full of signs and symbols; look out for ‘It’s A Sign’ and the rose that passes from one character to the next.  Artfully shot and directed, it pulls you through a narrative that brings a couple together by the end. It’s smart, creative and well-matched to the song’s themes.  Reflecting on the video, Moon says: “The video’s story reveals that there’s a master plan to the madness that is life. That there are little signposts along the way, whether you’re paying attention and can see them or don’t notice them, they are there. I want people to leave that video with a sense of wonder and to be open to that wonder and the magic of life.”

Throughout the video, the phrase ‘the best is yet to come’ is featured and it’s easy to apply that to O.H. Moon, a multi-instrumentalist with a fabulous voice, an ear for a fine tune and a bright musical future.  We look forward to hearing more from this Portland-based artist.  Enjoy.

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A wonderfully soulful song and wholesome story. Refreshing!