Video Premiere: Preston Gunderson “Fall”

Photo credit: Daniel Branovan

Check out the latest single from Minneapolis-based Preston Gunderson.  ‘Fall’ is a touching song, full of the narrative details of a loving relationship that has unravelled; many will be able to associate with the sentiment.  Gunderson’s reflective words capture that feeling of loss: “Now trying to remind myself // That nothing ever really lasts // That this moment in time will soon become the past.”  His vocal performance is as heartfelt as the lyrics, delivered with a passion that engages the listener throughout.  It’s a quietly introspective and heartbreaking piece of music.  Braddon Olson’s video captures all the emotion on display in this stripped back and engaging performance.  The song features the talented Kevin Gastonguay on piano, whose beautiful notes fall gently like the autumn leaves described in the song.  Gastonguay records and tours internationally with Cory Wong as well as playing with a number of other bands in and around the Twin Cities.

Gunderson says of the song: “‘Fall’ is a song about love lost and the ever flowing river of time. Looking back at specific moments that have been burned into your memory. In some way hoping those memories and feelings will fade, while knowing a piece of you wants them to stay. These moments and feelings have made me who I am and I’m grateful, yet to feel such heartbreak is a reflection of something true. It’s a take on ‘this too shall pass’ with a skepticism of if these thoughts and feelings will actually dissipate or if they will always continue to linger and follow you like a shadow.”

‘Fall’ is the title track from Gunderson’s brand new album, through which he reflects on a six-year relationship coming to an end.  The songs cover all the complexity and conflicting feelings we feel when long-term relationships are over.  There’s the heartache and grief over what has been lost; there’s disenchantment and resentment towards someone who was once so close.  However, in the end, Gunderson manages to move towards a sense of acceptance and hope for the future, acknowledging the positive impact of the past they shared.  These are mature, thoughtful songs and he handles a difficult time and subject sensitively.

Gunderson is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared as a contestant on American Idol in 2015 and being crowned Bob Dylan Singer-Songwriter Grand Champion during Dylan Days 2014, amongst other accolades.  He even features in a musical mural in his hometown of Virginia.  With songs like ‘Fall’, he’s certain to reach an even wider audience.  Check it out.

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