Video Premiere: Ryan Hamilton “Deja Vu I Love You”

Here is a song designed to make you tap your feet and nod your head.  It’s uplifting, upbeat and full of engaging energy and melody.  Above all, ‘Deja Vu I Love You’ is immensely likeable and a lot of fun.  Ryan Hamilton explains the background to the song: “Being in love, and in a relationship is a lot like a dance… and you need a good dance partner to be successful. When you’re with the right person, whether things are good or bad, having a sense of ‘I’ve been here before, and I know what this person wants/needs’ is an important thing to have. That’s what this song is about. It’s about that ‘dance’, and being able to weather the proverbial storm in a relationship.” The song feels instantly familiar and its tune is one of those that will remain with you long after listening.

The accompanying video is simple, yet effective, presenting Hamilton in a number of different guises.  He notes: “Firstly, I’ve never had more fun making a video.  I wanted to portray different people from different walks of life, and love… But I don’t think I was quite ready for the level of ridiculousness. Haha. But, sometimes you just gotta embrace the fun. I think this is my favourite video I’ve ever made.”

‘Deja Vu I Love You’ is the second single from Ryan Hamilton’s new 1221 project.  Essentially, Hamilton will be releasing a new song every month throughout 2021.  Ambitious.  When looking ahead to future 1221 singles, Hamilton says: “I am LOVING the diversity, and freedom of this ‘1221’ project. I’ve been in touch with some of my favourite music friends, and I’m excited to let folks know about upcoming collaborations. But, I better not say anything just yet.”  Enjoy.

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