Video Premiere: The Furious Seasons “As a Matter of Fact”

We begin the week with an excellent video premiere from The Furious Seasons.  The video, directed by Alexander Thomas, captures the essence of the song, combining it with images of Los Angeles and highlighting the contrasts in the city, the good and the bad. ‘As a Matter of Fact’ is taken from the new album, ‘La Fonda’, released this summer.  It’s the seventh album from The Furious Seasons and their third as an acoustic trio, led by songwriter David Steinhart (guitars, vocals), who is accompanied by his brother, Jeff, on bass and keys, and Paul Nelson (guitars, Dobro, vocals).

Featuring delicate guitar-work and a beautiful vocal melody, the song narrates the story of a man whose LA lifestyle is becoming too much for him.  5-time Grammy-winning producer and engineer, Alfonso Rodenas, brings out the warmth of the acoustic performances and the album was largely recorded live with the three performers around the mic.  This is conveyed in the chemistry of the playing and vocals.

David Steinhart explains the song: “‘As a Matter of Fact’ – a minor key groove in 4/4 that we do well, but not often. The percussion part is me strumming a muted acoustic guitar, an old Nashville trick. The song is a good starting place as it details someone who is letting the LA nights get the best of them.”  Lyrically, it summarises the theme of the album as the entire cycle of songs is focused on the tragic death of one of Steinhart’s friends due to drink.  The result is a rare sense of cohesion across the album.  Steinhart continues: “My friend who passed, who is also named David, was such a big part of my wife and I’s lives.  His ex-wife is our best friend and his daughter is our goddaughter. Our circle of friends and family merged into a very central community in our lives with years of shared memories.  To have Jeff and Paul embrace these songs that are of such a personal nature feels amazing. Playing music with The Furious Seasons and recording with Alfonsi is a gift and I hope it came out in the recordings.”  It’s an emotional subject that the trio pull off with sensitivity.  Check it out.

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