Video Premiere: The Goddamsels “Better Than”

Photo credit: Andres Amaya

Here are The Goddamsels, lost in the music, absorbed in their performance of ‘Better Than’ – it’s a joy to watch.  The voices of Canadian singer-songwriters Mallory Chipman and Frédrique “Freddi” MacDougall combine beautifully.  Each delivers a clear, pure vocal and together their harmonies soar on melodic currents.  The vocal blend feels so natural and seemingly effortless, like an intimate conversation between the pair that we are drawn into.  Most of us will be familiar with the daily grind and the endless monotony of everyday life.  This is a song about seeking something better and prioritising human connections.  ‘Better Than’ is hopeful and upbeat, both in meaning and musically.

MacDougall explains: “In my interpretation, the choruses speak to feeling lost in that hustle, and paint the image of a sense of drowning. The pre-chorus speaks to a ‘head above water’ moment where we realise what an alternative could look or feel like, with the chorus illustrating what that‘ better than’ experience could be, even if it might just be a fantasy.”  Chipman continues: “What inspired us to write ‘Better Than’ was feeling that we ourselves were caught in that sort of whirlpool, which also inspired the single artwork. I think we were both longing for a slower pace of life that embodies a certain peace, quietness and simplicity.”

‘Better Than’ will appear on the pair’s forthcoming eponymous full-length album, the follow-up to the well-received 2022 EP, ‘Wayward’ Daughter’.  The talented singers are joined by Kyle Shabada on acoustic guitar, Brett Hansen on electric guitars, Murray Woodon’s bass, Shea Connor on drums and Ryan Funk on pedal steel; it’s a talented group of players, who provide a solid foundation on which MacDougall and Chipman can shine.  The Goddamsels will be touring the UK and Ireland from 18th  to 27th January – if you want to experience their powerful voices in person, you can find details here.  This live performance video gives displays their glorious vocal talents.  Enjoy.

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