Video Premiere: Wisetale “Fix”

This is the new single from Atlanta man Jacob Deaton aka Wisetale, which will be out next month. A big emotional chorus, muscular and furious fretwork and great words.  We like it a lot.  Read Jacob’s take on it under video.

“’Fix’ came to me almost in its entirety, in a crappy hotel room in the North Georgia mountains. I was a hired gun to play guitar, and had a lot of downtime. The room was cold, much like my heart at the time because I was going through a break-up of sorts. She was really invested, and I was scared to let go of the walls that guarded my heart like the cement bunkers of NORAD. So, as I was losing her, I wrote this as a question to myself: ‘Can you fix me up to be like you? So easy to love? So easy to trust?’
At the time, I was obsessed with a couple of records by Blake Mills and she hated his voice (Hi Blake… you’re excellent). So that’s where the opening verse came from. Eventually, I realized this song wasn’t really about her, but more so about me. And the video was more of an extension of the relationship, and not just the song itself. She was into music I hated and vice versa. I always felt like the grouch and she was such a joy in our brief time together, and I learned so much from her. I hope I get to say that to her face, one day.”

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