Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen

The sound of the modern world is guitar and banjo, and that’s a sound that Denver’s Whiteacre have plenty of, alongside the percussive driving force of a drum kit.  In Whiteacre’s case that guitar is as likely to be electric and ripping across the more acoustic elements as harmony vocals keep the whole arrangement grounded. 

Peach‘ is a declaration of love and commitment, albeit with just a pinch of the old-fashioned blended in: “Peach, you’ve left me wanting nothing more than you” comes along with “No matter what each day holds, if you’re there when I get home, then I’ll forget about the rest.”  Umm….ok.  And if you’re wondering, the guitarist is Paul Whiteacre.  If you’re still wondering, it’s of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning a wheat-field.  We aim to educate.

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