Video: Rosanne Cash “Crawl Into The Promised Land”

Rosanne Cash has released a new single ‘Crawl into the Promised Land’  featuring her husband and producer John Leventhal. It’s a topical song, in which she references the pandemic and Black Lives Matter amongst other issues. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Cash told them: “My tour was cancelled and I was off the road, sequestered in my own home, with time, a stack of writing journals, and a recording studio in the basement. The only thing to do was write songs.” In a post on social media she commented: “We can get back to our dream of America, where the ‘enemy’ is an individual burden, inside each of us, aching for a truce. We’re exhausted. We’re disoriented. But I know we have the strength and will to deliver ourselves.”

The accompanying video includes imagery of protest and the civil rights movement. She continued: “The song required a visual corollary. I wanted to connect the past and the present. The Voting Rights Act, and the Women’s March of 2017, the Civil Rights movement and the Black Lives Matter protestors, Harriet Tubman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the workers in the cotton fields and the lives of those of us who live in privilege because of them, and the necessary gratitude for the humanity we share.”

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