Video: Shred Kelly “Take Me Home”

Here is a typically upbeat and melodic new single from Shred Kelly.  The time-lapse video tells the story of a young family as time passes by all too quickly.  It was inspired by singer/songwriter Tim Newton’s father, imagining him singing the lines to Tim’s mother and looking back on the life they’d built together.  It’s a song of love: “Days are passing by, gone are the years of my youth // Weaker is my heart now, stronger is my love for you // You are the one that kept me on my feet all this time // But I’ll be gone tomorrow, I’ll see you in the next life.”  The sentiment is direct, powerful and inspiring.  Taken from the excellent, well-received 2020 album ‘Like a Rising Sun’, ‘Take Me Home’ is an uplifting, foot-tapping slice of Canadian folk-rock.  The fifth album from Shred Kelly, ‘Like a Rising Sun’ is full of energy and possibly the best showcase of their dynamic sound yet.  Throughout February, Shred Kelly have been playing a ‘virtual tour’ of Canadian folk festivals; check their website for details of remaining dates here.  Check this out.

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