Video: Thomas Dollbaum “God’s Country”

Photo credit: Cora Nimtz

Thomas Dollbaum returns with ‘God’s Country’, the second song from his forthcoming album and a great follow-up to the single ‘Florida’, which was released in the autumn to critical acclaim.  Above all, what sets Dollbaum apart is his distinctive, characterful voice – it’s totally absorbing and, once again, it carries us through the song as if we’re participating in a fascinating conversation with him while we ride through town.  Of ‘God’s Country’, Dollbaum simply says: “This song’s about driving around rural Florida,” and, through his engaging lyrical style, he takes us on that journey as a stream of symbols and images spill out of him: “In this town honey even the trees lean with a grudge.”  Musically, the song flows and rolls as the video transports us through the streets and destinations of Dollbaum’s everyday life.

Dollbaum, a carpenter and construction worker, was born in Florida but moved to New Orleans to complete a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in poetry and his studies are evident in the way he uses language in his lyrical songs.  Creatively, he’s inspired by the people and stories that surrounded him throughout his small-town upbringing and he continues to write about the people and places that have been the backdrop to his life.  In a series of sessions during the pandemic, Dollbaum has been recording his songs in an old hotel suite transformed into a studio by his friend Matthew Seferian, whose fine electric guitar-playing can be heard on the  upcoming album, ‘Wellswood’.  We’ll hear more details of the new record soon.  In the meantime, sit back and ride along with Thomas Dollbaum through ‘God’s Country’.

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