What should I do, Americana UK?

What is the point of music? Is it just an entertainment that whiles away those empty hours, or does it hold some greater significance? Music often throws up unresolved problems, problems that we can all relate to.  Music here offers an empathetic support. Can it go further though, to actually resolve those issues and set us on the right path to a happier and more fulfilled life? Could it be possible that the solution to all life’s problems can be found within the lyrics of one’s favourite songs?

Honestly the answer is probably no, but hey let’s not give up so easily – nothing ventured nothing gained.

So here’s a problem that we can all relate to – over Neil Diamond’s strummed acoustic guitar and with the pick of session players backing him up (although, obviously, not seen in the video) on ‘Look Out Here Come Tomorrow‘ Davy Jones, his angst clear, wonders what he should do. He has fallen in love you see, strictly speaking he has fallen in love twice. This is tearing him apart – who should he make his true love? As he wrestles with his emotions he queries whether it should be “Mary – oh what a sweet girl lips like strawberry pie” or should it be “Sandra, long hair and Beat-girl” that finally wins the whole of his heart.

So, sweet or beat? Actually the answer is kind of obvious. But then there’s an alternative solution that today’s agony-uncle David Crosby has proffered for consideration. It is a bit of a leap. Musical Chain like we may have to return to this suggestion and proffer up yet another solution to resolve the alternative dilemmas that it throws up.  There is, after all, so much that could go wrong, but for now let’s just consider whether the answer might be “I don’t really see, why can’t we go on as three?

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