Wild Ponies announce new album “Dreamers”

Photos: Laura Schneider

Nashville-based duo Wild Ponies have announced their forthcoming LP, “Dreamers”, due out on 2nd August 2024.  The duo, who featured in AUK’s ‘More People Should Really Know About’ feature earlier this year, is the project of  Doug and Telisha Williams, partners in love and music. Their new album “Dreamers” centres on exploration beyond the traditional nuclear family and into the community, joys, and heartbreaks they’ve experienced as part of a queer, polyamorous family undergoing fertility treatments and becoming foster parents in the state of Tennessee.

“Dreamers” is the result of living, loving, and dreaming. Recorded and produced by singer-songwriter Brandy Zdan, with co-writes with Chely Wright, Ben Glover, and Nora Jane Struthers, it features guest musicians The Sea The Sea (Chuck and Mira Costa) and Nashville pedal steel legend Fats Kaplin.

Years ago, on tour in Germany, a fan asked Doug and Telisha a question that stuck with them: Where are your dreams now? Not what are your dreams, but where. “Our dreams are everywhere, buzzing around like energetic bees,” they explain. “They’re deep in the earth, sprawled and gnarly like the roots of an ancient Catawba tree. They live in and out of our own bodies, making their way to the backyard in the most unconventional way and pulling to stand only minutes after being born. At times, our dreams are hard to wrangle — a wild pony on the Carolina coast wandering the dunes.”

Wild Ponies have put out one track as a lead single.  They say ‘‘Hurt Your Heart’ is a love song for our partner Laura and the wholesome polyamorous Americana dream.  We’re a family doing our best to raise our kids and still find time for those ever-important and brief connection points. Times to touch, have a cup of coffee before the kids are up, share our fears, hopes, and dreams.”  You can listen to it below.

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